A dangerous planet in the solar system, where diamonds rain happen


All the planets in our solar system have some secret hidden in them. There are four planets in the solar system, which are called 'gas demons'. Because there are mostly gases instead of clay and stones and their size is very huge. Varuna (Neptune) is also one of these planets. The remaining three are Jupiter, Saturn, and Arun (Uranus). The planet Varuna is far away from Earth. The temperature on this planet ranges from minus 200 degrees Celsius. At such a low temperature a person will be so frozen that it can break like a stone.

Varuna was the first planet in our solar system, whose existence was predicted through the study of mathematics without ever seeing it, and then it was discovered on that basis. This happened when some strange disturbances were found in Arun's orbit. This could only mean that an unknown neighboring planet is exerting its gravitational influence on it.

The planet Varuna was first observed with a telescope on September 23, 1846, and was named Neptune. Neptune was the god of the sea in ancient Roman religion. This is exactly the place of the god Varuna in India, so this planet is called Varuna in Hindi. In Roman religion, the Neptune deity had a trident in his hand, so Varun has an astronomical symbol.

Clouds of frozen methane gas fly on the planet Varuna and the speed of winds here is much higher than any other planet in the solar system. There is nothing to stop the supersonic winds of methane on this planet, so their speeds can reach 1,500 mph.

Because of the condensed carbon in the atmosphere of Varun, there is also a rain of diamonds. Even if a man ever reaches this planet, he will not be able to collect these diamonds, because he will freeze there due to extreme cold.