A cursed hotel in the world with 105 rooms, where no human being has stayed to date


By the way, North Korea is famous all over the world because of its peculiar laws and testing of missiles. But at the same time, there are many things here that surprise person. One of these is a skyscraper with a pyramid-shaped shape and pointed end, which is a hotel. The official name of this hotel is Ryugyong, but it is also known as Yoo-kyung.

The 330-meter-high hotel in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, has a total of 105 rooms. But to date, no person has stayed here. Very luxurious from the outside, but the deserted hotel is known as 'Cursed Hotel' or 'Bhutia Hotel'. This hotel is also known as the '105 Building'. A few years ago, the American magazine Esquire called the hotel the 'worst building in human history'.

A lot of money has been spent in the construction of this hotel. According to Japanese media, North Korea spent a total of $ 750 million, or about 55 billion rupees, on its construction. This amount was two percent of North Korea's GDP at that time. But still, this hotel could not start till today.

Although this hotel was being built as the tallest hotel in the world, now it has become a separate identity. The world has now come to know this hotel as the 'tallest deserted building on earth'. Due to this specialty, its name is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is said that if this hotel was completely built on time, then it is known as the seventh tallest building in the world and the tallest hotel.

Construction of this building started in the year 1987. According to the BBC, it was then expected that the hotel would be ready in two years. But this could not happen. Sometimes there was a problem with the way of making it, sometimes there was a problem with the construction material. After this, in 1992 the construction of this hotel finally had to be stopped. Because at that time North Korea became financially weak.

However, the work of making it started again in the year 2008. At first, about 11 billion rupees were spent in arranging this huge hotel. After this, construction work started again. Glass panes were installed throughout the building and minor works were done for the rest.

According to media reports, in 2012, the administration of North Korea announced that the hotel work would be completed by 2012, but it could not be done. Even after this, many times expectations were raised that the hotel would start this year, it would start that year, but the reality is that to date this hotel has not been opened. It is said that the work of this hotel is still half-finished.