A bride who wore a pantsuit at her wedding, know who is Sanjana Rishi


Let's know who is Sanjana Rishi choosing a unique outfit for her wedding and why she wore pantsuit?

Indian wedding attire is always traditional and choosing bridal wear for your wedding is an important part of the wedding ceremony. Sometimes the bride chooses a lehenga for the wedding, sometimes in a heavy saree, the bride looks very beautiful. But how would you feel if a bride wore a pantsuit at her wedding? Yes, it will sound a bit strange but Sanjana Rishi is a bride from India who wore a pantsuit at her wedding. Not only this, Sanjana looked very beautiful and modern bride in this wedding getup. Come, know who Sanjana Rishi is and why she adopted this unique look?

Who is Sanjana Rishi?

Sanjana Rishi is a 29-year-old Indian-American entrepreneur who worked as a corporate lawyer in the US before returning to India. Sanjana has recently married Dhruv Mahajan, a businessman from Delhi. They were living together in the US for a year and both decided to marry under pressure from family and friends. They planned a wedding in the US in September where the bride's brother and most of his friends live and a second traditional Indian wedding was planned in Delhi in November. Sanjana and Dhruv got married on 20 September 2020 in Delhi but according to Sanjana, she could not get married according to her plan due to Corona's influence.

Why worn pants suit

Sanjana Rishi says that she wore an old, blue pantsuit for the wedding. He said that the only reason for wearing the suit was that he liked the suit. But, along with her choice of wedding dress, she has also presented a bold fashion statement for all brides. This new look of the bride, usually seen in traditional dress, looked very beautiful and bold. Even though Sanjana is not a celebrity but due to her different dress, she has become a fashion symbol for all the brides to be.

Pantsuit for the wedding was the choice

According to Sanjana, the moment she thought about getting married, she knew what her dress was going to be. She already knew that she would wear a pantsuit and she had already thought about what pantsuit she would wear. Sanjana believes in environmentally sustainable fashion and usually buys a lot of second-hand clothes, she says she saw this suit long ago in a boutique in Italy. It was a vintage suit made by Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré in the 1990s and it was heartening that it was still available when Sanjana decided to get married.

Social media created panic

When Sanjana posted some of her pictures on Instagram, friends and followers highly praised her look, calling her the most beautiful bride. Fashion designers also adored her choice. Commenting on her dress, famous designer Masaba Gupta wrote "OMG, how great do you look !!!", Riya Kapoor, sister of actress Sonam Kapoor, described her look as awesome.

Even though the pantsuit may sound a little weird for a bridal ensemble, it could be a good example for a future bride to be.

Image Credit: instagram