6 such interesting facts that will never be heard, surprised to read this.


Today we will talk about 6 interesting facts to shake your mind, which are far away from reading. Won't even hear

1."Why This Kolaveri Di" is the first Indian song that Youtube at 100 was seen by more than million.

2. In 1996, Mercedes company introduced a car named F200 at the Paris Motor Show. Which had a handle and brake, a game-like remote-like system in place of the clutch?

3. Bhim Kund a reservoir is that the depth of know until today no one thought could, is that whenever there is a fall in a natural disaster of this pool of water to its own move that recognizes water reservoirs story Is associated with the Mahabharata period.

4.Nicobar Pigeon is a bird whose DNA fading have the most beautiful bird 's DNA matches called DoDo.

5. Scientific a Clone is designed 12,000 -year-old Ice Age of the Lion of DNA were from their old residue is mixed.

6. The rainbow is actually completely round, but we can see only half of it from the ground, so you can see a full round rainbow from an airplane flying high.