5 weird plants of the world, whose unique design makes people wonder


There are many types of plants on earth. Plants have an important place in the boons of nature. Plants play an important role in the human life cycle. Because trees and plants not only meet food requirements, but they are also necessary for maintaining balance in the world. Today we are going to tell you about five weird plants in the world, which are very strange to see.

Devils's tooth

Its name is Devil's Tooth. It is a kind of mushroom, but it is not eaten. Its upper surface looks like red spots, which look exactly like human blood. It seems as if only blood is coming out of the plant.

Octopus stinkhorn

This plant is known as 'Octopus Stinkhorn'. This red plant looks like an eight-legged octopus. This plant leaves a lot of foul smell. Due to this, it attracts insects towards itself.

Buddha's Hand

On seeing this strange plant named 'Buddha's Hand', it seems as if many fingers have come out of it. Actually, it is a species of lemon, but it is not round. It is very fragrant. Many people also use it as a room freshener.

Dolls Eyes

This plant is called 'Dolls Eyes' because by looking at it, it seems as if many eyes have been placed on the plant. Eyes that are set in dolls made of cloth. Actually, it is a kind of plum, but it is not eaten, because it is a poisonous plant.

Black bat

This plant named Black Bat looks like a bat with wings spread. It is commonly found in Thailand and Malaysia. Its leaves are up to 12 inches long. If someone sees these leaves at night, it will feel that there is a bat.