5 unsolved mysteries of the world, which have not been solved to date


There are many places around the world, which remain a mystery among people to date. It is not at all that there is no attempt to find out about them, but they are such mysteries that the mystery has not been solved to date. People from the Department of Archeology to the scientists got more entangled than they did not solve these mysteries. Today we will tell you about some such mysterious places, which have remained unsolved puzzles among people for thousands of years.

The huge rock inside 'Sea of ​​Galilee'

Inside the Israeli Sea of ​​Galilee is a large figure made of thousands of small stones. The rock is 32 feet high and 230 feet in diameter, whose weight is said to be about 60 thousand tons. Surprisingly, they were not built naturally but have been made. The figure is believed to be 4000 years old, but there is no strong evidence to prove this. No one has the answer to why these shapes were created underwater.

Gosek Circle

Gosek, a small town in Germany, has this peculiar spherical shape. It is considered to be the oldest known solar observatory. This figure extends about 250 feet. It is also known as 'German Stonehenge'. Carbon dating has revealed that it must have been built around 4900 years ago, but who made it remains a mystery until now. Research has been going on about this for the last several years.

Teotihuacan City of Mexico

There is a mysterious city in Mexico, known as Tiatahuacán. It was discovered by the Aztecs in the 14th century. It is called 'Place of God' i.e. 'Place of God'. There is no written evidence about the place, who built it, when it was built, why it was built, and who lived here. It remains a mystery till now.

Agarak Oasis Wheel

These mysterious figures extend from Syria to Jordan and Saudi Arabia. According to scientists, these figures may have been created 8500 years ago. Although this is just a guess. They were first seen in the year 1927 when the Royal Airforce aircraft of Britain was passing through this area. Why these large figures were made now remains a mystery till now.

Nain Madol

A ruined settlement thousands of years old near the island of Temwen, Australia, surrounded by water from all sides. This place is known as 'Nan Madol'. Here big stones are decorated as if someone lives here. No one knows who brought these stones here and for how many years they have been here. Due to the mystery, many people also call this place a 'God made city'.