5 most dangerous criminals in the world, sentenced more than a hundred years by the court


After reaching the age of 60, man's old age comes. At the same time, a person can hardly live till the age of 80 to 100 years. But in such a case, if a criminal is sentenced by the court to stay in jail for thousands of millions of years, then obviously anyone can be shocked. Today we are going to tell you about some such criminals who have been sentenced to thousands of years by the court for their crime.

Thailand's Chamoe Thipyaso is one of the world's longest-serving prison sentences. He was sentenced to 1,41,078 years by the court in 1989. In fact, Thipyaso was convicted of licking around Rs 19 crore of 16,231 people in a pyramid scheme. However, after this incident, a law was passed in Thailand that no matter how long a criminal has been sentenced in a fraud case, he cannot be imprisoned for more than 20 years.

In 1994, a man named Alan Wayne McLaurin was convicted in several cases. In this case, he got a total sentence of 21,250 years. Allen received a total of eight thousand years in four cases of rape, eight thousand years in four cases of forcible unnatural relations, 1750 years in the case of kidnapping, 1500 years in the case of assault with a dangerous weapon, and 500-500 years in some cases of robbery. Was sentenced to. Allen's partner was also sentenced by the court to a total of 11,250 years.

Gabriel March Granados, a 22-year-old postman from Spain, was sentenced to 3,84,912 years in 1972. He was convicted of not delivering more than 40 thousand letters and parcels. He was sentenced to 9–9 years in lieu of each letter and parcel by the court. However, his sentence of millions of years was later reduced to 14 years.

In 1994, a man named Charles Scott Robinson, living in the US state of Alabama, was sentenced by the court to a total of 30 thousand years in the case of rape. The judge sentenced him to 5-5 thousand years in a total of six cases. After sentencing Charles to such a long sentence, the judge told that he could not sentence him to life imprisonment without parole, so he sentenced so long that he would spend the rest of his life in prison. This meant that Charles would get the first parole when he was 108 years old.

One of the terrorists involved in the 2004 train blasts in Spain's capital Madrid, Authman Al Naoi, was sentenced to 42,924 years by the court, while his partner Jamal Jougam was sentenced to 42,922 years. However, Spanish law states that no one can be held in prison for more than 40 years.