5 innovative and stylish saree draping styles to flaunt your blouse


If you talk about the most popular outfits in the Indian fashion industry, then it is a sari. Therefore, fashion designers continue to work and bring new innovative ideas to give a sari a trendy and stylish look. Along with the saree, a lot of work has been done on the design of the blouse and now it takes not only 90 centimeters of simple fabric to prepare the blouse but it also works on the unique ideas to give the designer look.

In such a situation, if the designer blouse is hidden by the pallu of the saree, then all the hard work of the fashion designer is wasted. So it is very important that if you are wearing a design blouse with a saree, then flaunt it as well. For this, you can change the draping style of your saree.

Today we will tell you through the sari look of celebrities how you can flaunt your designer blouse by changing the saree draping style.

Loose inverted palla style

In this picture, Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is wearing a sequins saree designed by fashion designer Manish Malhotra. This sari has been draped by Malaika in the Loose UltaPalla Style. You can also try this saree draping style, but keep these things in mind-

  • Loose inverted Palla draping style should be adopted only in lightweight sarees made of fabrics like chiffon, georgette, chiffon silk, etc.
  • Leave the pall of this sari loose from the waist and pin-up it by making platters of the pall on the shoulder.
  • With such saree draping style, you can wear a strap blouse, turtle neck blouse, and bralette blouse.

Belt saree look

Madhuri Dixit is wearing a beautiful red color customized belt saree designed by fashion designer RitikaMeerchandani in this picture. The heavy heart shape blouse is also worn to match with the sari. If you are going to wear this kind of saree, then the heavy designer can change the style of draping saree to flaunt blouse.

  • It is difficult to drape the pallu of a heavy saree into a loose inverted palla style. In such a situation, if you wear a belt, then it gets support and the look of the sari also changes.
  • Keep in mind that the belt is not too heavy, otherwise, it will be the highlight more than the blouse is floated.

Saree draping style with coat or Kurti blouse

Kareena Kapoor's sari draping style is very different in this picture. If you too are wearing a coat or Kurti blouse like Kareena, then this saree can adopt a draping style. It is also easy to carry. For this saree draping style, you can adopt these steps-

  • First, make plates of saree and when it comes time to set pallu, make medium broad plates.
  • Keep these plates loose and make a deep extract before pinning them to the shoulder. This extract should come to the edge of the choli so that it can be completely floated.
  • In this type of saree draping style, the size of the pallu is smaller than the back.

Muffler style pallu draping

Hina Khan drapes the sari's pall into the muffler style in this picture. You can also try this very stylish style of saree draping. This style is a good fit for slim women. In this way, keep these things in mind when draping the sari.

  • You can opt for a nonparty look saree for this saree draping style.
  • Don't accidentally try this saree on draping style silk or cotton saree. Chiffon and Georgette saris are best for this.
  • You should wear a blouse with a medium-deep neck and a designer back with this saree.

Narrow Pall Draping Style

If you are wearing a cutwork blouse like Mouni Roy, which has heavy embroidery and glasswork, do not hide it directly or in reverse, but drape the sari in style like Mouni. For this, you have to drape the pallu of the saree as much as you can. For this follow these steps-

  • You should opt for a very lightweight saree for draping this saree.
  • The best is that the saree should have minimum work and should be without printout.
  • Carry this saree draping style only if your body is slim.