5 Effective Study Tips For College Student by Rawat College


Many students are confused about how to study in college most effectively. Students don't know how to study to get highest grade or percentage in college and the sad thing is that students are ever explicitly taught how to study; many ends up just kind of "winging it" through their academic careers. Even those students who get good grades in high school, sometimes find themselves struggling when they go to college because study methods of college are different from the school. So it is better to take initiative to discover effective study techniques on your own. By taking control of your learning process, you can prepare yourself to fulfill your academic demands.

In RAWAT P.G. GIRLS COLLEGE students get an environment where they get many opportunities to remain in the top of the list in the field of education and for polishing their talent as well. Besides education, the college provides various activities full of creativity and innovations. Students also get proper guidance from the teachers with the help of that they can achieve desired goals.

Today, we are going to tell the students about the best study tips they can make the top in the field of studies.

1. Take good notes:- Taking good notes involves keeping track of every day's notes of different classes. Instead of one notebook, make a separate notebook for each subject. In addition, write down anything your teacher writes down during the class. If she/he take time to write that out that means he finds it important. Keep your notebook up to date and if possible then write notes in outline form.

2. Review your notes:- Spent 30 minutes daily to revise notes from each class. Research proves that reviewing new material within 24 hours after a hearing it greatly increases the retention of that content. It will also allow you to identify points of confusion that you can ask your teacher before the next class.

3. Get enough sleep:- Sleep is essential when it comes to effective study habits. When you are tired, you think more slowly and are unable to remember much information. So it is necessary to get enough sleep.

4. Group study:- Group studies are proved valuable when a student working through a difficult chapter or topic. It divides your workload and reduces pressure.

5. Don’t wait until the night before an exam to study:- It is not a good choice to wait until the night before an exam. It is not the best study technique. Instead of studying before an exam it is good to study on a daily basis. Before an exam just revise the important topics and facts. Read through your list a few times when you wake up in the morning and just before the exam, then put it away. Such memory reinforcement not only improves your performance on the test, but it also improves your long-term memory content.