5 easy ways to keep your mother in law happy after marriage


Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have the most important relationship and the most delicate one. If this relationship is good, it becomes easier for the woman to get into the in-laws and live happily. If not, then every day becomes a punishment for him.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Mother-in-law Happy After Marriage Girls are most worried about whether they will be made up by their mother-in-law. This is the reason that before and after marriage, his neighbors always seem to advise him not to argue with his mother-in-law, never say no to him. Such suggestions will keep the mother-in-law happy, but they will never allow the daughter-in-law to develop an emotional bond with her mother-in-law. It is better that your daughter-in-law should remain in the heart of your mother-in-law. The bond that will be formed with this will not be broken by any misunderstanding. Let's know how to do this:

Understanding the nature of mother-in-law

Before marriage, girls often ask their husbands many questions related to the mother-in-law's nature, but it is not right to do so. Actually, as a son, he will tell you basic things, but he will not be able to help much in building a good relationship with his mother-in-law.

It is better than when you go to your in-law's house by becoming a daughter-in-law, then start understanding the nature of your mother-in-law from day one, according to which situation you have to talk to them? What to do or not to do in a situation related to in-laws? Let them get a good idea.

What's not like

What do you like? All the daughters-in-law try to know this, but during this time they forget to know what the mother-in-law does not like. Before knowing someone's choice it is more important to know his dislike. For example, if the daughter-in-law finds out that the mother-in-law likes Rajma, but does not know that she does not like garlic in the vegetable, then all the hard work can be wasted.

Not trying to change

You may be impolite in thinking, but after becoming a daughter-in-law, do not behave in such a way that that house will run according to you. You have to understand that your mother-in-law has handled that family almost her entire life, in such a situation, if you try to change everything as soon as you come, then it can not make them any better. This thing can be understood by a small example.

Suppose you designed your room in a special way, but suddenly someone came to stay with you and changed the look of the room because it was not right according to his test. Would you like it This is obviously not the case? It was a guest situation, but the daughter-in-law has to maintain a life-long relationship with her mother-in-law, in such a situation, trying to change things that have been frozen for years, can damage the relationship forever.

Do not bring husband

It is the duty of the husband to help his wife to adjust to the in-laws and take care of her happiness. However, when it comes to mother-in-law and daughter-in-law's relationship, trying to always have a husband on her side can cause a rift in the relationship. If there is a disagreement about something, then it is better to take the complaint to the husband, that the daughter-in-law should put it in front of the mother-in-law and tell why she has objections. You must always keep in mind that your husband is also the son of a mother-in-law, so interrupting them on everything can end family peace.

If you want to love like a daughter, then you have to give respect like a mother.

Often, daughters-in-law complain that they can never get motherly love from their mother-in-law, but during this time she forgets to pay attention to whether they ever treat her like a mother? Relationships and love are always called selfless, but the truth is that in any relationship, a person will have the same feelings, he will get the same feelings in return. If you want to love like a daughter, then you also have to give respect like a mother.