5 easy home remedies to get rid of bad tobacco addiction


World No Tobacco Day, released in the public interest by WHO, will be celebrated on 31 May. Today, the youth generation is becoming a victim of drugs due to many reasons. No matter what the addiction, whether it is alcohol, tobacco, or cigarettes, it proves to be harmful to health. Particularly due to the consumption of tobacco, glau cancer, and lung cancer are caused by the consumption of cigarettes. Even though getting rid of this problem is not an easy task, but the addiction can be gradually reduced from root to root by some home remedies. Let's know-how ...

Fine fennel

Fine fennel is easily available in the market. Chew it well after taking Kuja Mishri or Plain Mishri twice a day in the morning in a spoon of aniseed. After chewing, eat it with warm water or plain water. Actually, fennel helps to increase the memory of a person. To avoid any bad addiction, it is extremely necessary for the brain cells to be healthy. Fennel is a bit spicy to eat, so it is necessary to take it with sugar candy. You can also use less sugar if you want.

Celery and lemon juice

After thoroughly cleaning the celery with water, soak 2-3 spoons of celery in half a glass of lemon juice for 2 days. When the lemon juice dries completely, feed this celery addict 3 to 4 times a day.

Chhoti Harad

Chhoti Harad will get you with a spice of desi spices. Soak 100 grams myrobalan chebulie in lemon juice and rock salt solution. Leave it like this for the whole 2 days. When the myrobalan becomes soft, then filter it and consume it every day or give it to the addict. Chew it well and eat it.

Body perfume

To leave the habit of sniffing tobacco, apply perfume foil in the ears of Kevda, Rose, Poppy, etc. in the summer season. In the winter season, smell the hyena perfume if you wish to eat tobacco.

Start by dropping slowly

Whatever be the addiction, it takes time to quit. Do not skip any type of intoxication, especially alcohol, but reduce it slowly. The nicotine that accumulates in the body due to intoxication can be reduced gradually.