5 countries of the world that do not have a written constitution


India will celebrate its 72nd Republic Day on 26 January 2021. The constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India in November 1949 on 26 November and implemented on 26 January 1950. Our country has its own written constitution, many things of which are derived from the constitution of different countries. But you will be surprised to know that there are some countries in the world that do not have their own written constitution. Their rule operates on some other basis. So let's know about these countries ...

You must have heard about the peculiar laws of Saudi Arabia, but do you know that this country also does not have a written constitution of its own. Yes, here the decisions are taken considering the things written in the Quran as supreme.

There is a dispute over the constitution of the North American country of Canada. Some believe that it is ruled by an unwritten constitution. Some people say that there is a written constitution here. It is believed that there is a written constitution in Canada, but the government here follows the rules of an unwritten constitution.

You will be surprised to know that the British, who ruled India for nearly 200 years, do not have a constitution in writing in the country of England i.e. the United Kingdom. There are already some rules, which are governed by the basis. These rules have equal importance to the Acts of the Constitution. The law of England can be changed by Parliament according to time and circumstances.

New Zealand, a beautiful island in the South-Western Pacific Ocean, does not even have a written constitution. There is an unwritten constitution, on the basis of which the justice and administrative system runs here. Governance is carried out only after the laws made earlier.

Israel, which was freed in 1948, also does not have its own written constitution. However, after the country became independent, an exercise was made to make a constitution here, but it could not be made due to differences in Parliament. The unwritten constitution is recognized in the Parliament here, which governs the governance of the entire country.