40 types of fruits grow together on this tree, you will be surprised to know the price of 1 branch


You must have seen different fruit trees to date. The fruits growing on them are produced according to the season. But have you ever seen a tree that bears different types of fruits? Today we are going to tell you about this tree which is known as 'Tree of 40'.

'Tree of 40' is such a tree, on which forty types of fruits grow together. Although it is difficult to believe this thing, an expert has done it. Let us tell you that the experts of America have made such a tree with modern techniques of agriculture, which produces forty types of fruits simultaneously. You will be surprised to know the value of this tree.

Growing forty types of fruits together has been possible through grafting. It has been prepared by Sam von Aiken, an expert from Syracuse University, America. From mango to guava, jamun, cherry, banana, and apple grow on this same tree. It took him 9 years to grow this tree. He started working on it in 2008, which is now flourishing.

The price of 'Tree of 40' is also quite high. You will have to spend 19 lakhs to buy a branch of this tree. You can grow such a tree from a branch. Professor Sam was very interested in agriculture. In this interest, he thought of making such a tree, which bears forty types of fruits.