4 things related to air travel that you may not know! Click here to know


If you have traveled in airplanes till now or not, but today we are going to tell you about four such things related to traveling in airplanes, which many people do not know. No airlines tell these things to their passengers.

1. Oxygen mask

When you sit on the plane, the air hostess says about the oxygen masks, so that you can save your life when there is a lack of oxygen in the event of an emergency. But very few people know that you can stay alive for only 15 minutes with the help of this.

2. Talk about the pilot

If you are traveling on a plane and you know that your pilot is sleeping, then what will be your reaction time. You may be wondering how this can happen, but let us tell you that when a pilot has to take a nap, he turns the plane into autopilot and gets some sleep.

3. The matter related to business class.

A person who travels on an airplane wants to travel in business class. A person who travels in a business class is very unlikely to survive in the event of an emergency because it takes too much time for the employees to reach the business class. Front and rear seats in the plane are considered to be the safest.

4. Life jacket

While traveling on the plane, a life jacket should be taken care of, because in the event of an emergency, your biggest weapon is your life jacket. Just think about what you would do if your life jacket gets stolen in the event of an emergency. Therefore the live jacket should be thoroughly checked.