4 special issues related to health, people increasingly becoming victims


Every country in the world has some problems at its level. These are evaluated by governments each year. Problems related to health are being seen in every country nowadays. If we talk about India, there are many health-related problems, which are increasing in India in the coming days, for which the whole country is worried. It is very important to pay attention to health as well as environmental problems.

There are some reasons for all these problems, humans are largely responsible for those reasons. The priceless person who had the desire to get more is leaving him behind, unaware that happiness in his life is not possible without those small units. If you talk about why the people of India remain so sick today, then the reason is to sit for a long time instead of running the race.

Lack of manual labor and nutrition

However, this problem is a matter of concern around the world today. People's physical activity has reduced so much, due to which half of their physical problems are due to them sitting for a long time. Everyone's food has deteriorated, from children to elders, that the diet and the name of a diet full of nutrition have remained. Due to which cancer, diabetes and heart-related problems are increasing in India today.

Obesity and Obesity

Young children are overweight due to which high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, heart stroke, gallstones or kidney stones, sleep problems, breast and prostate cancer at a young age. Are falling prey to such diseases.

Tobacco consumption

Recently World No Tobacco Day was celebrated worldwide. Every year, only in India, due to lack of intoxication in lakhs of people or due to excessive intoxication, people are falling victim to death.

Mental troubles

As the world is on its way to progress, people are becoming mentally disturbed. It is seen that even after getting everything in life, the person is not able to remain happy. Perhaps because of the external appearance, we break away from real life. TV all day Sitting on screens, working for 10-12 hours, neither taking care of health nor any attention to one's surroundings, the person becomes a victim of mental troubles somewhere. Due to which, despite everything, he is not able to remain happy. Today, thousands of people commit suicide every year due to mental problems, or they become victims of depression.

Methods of rescue ...

The world has come to a standstill anyway due to Corona, perhaps during this epidemic, we can understand real life. Perhaps we have all known during lockdown that the human had polluted the atmosphere. Why should not we learn from this and bring some good changes in life?

Try to have a good diet.

- Boycott fruit vegetables prepared from pesticides.

Eat things like milk, curd, and cheese every day.

- Understand the size of the life of sex.

- Be as happy as possible and try to keep others as well.

-No work is more important than the happiness of your life.

- Change the way that work takes away your happiness from you.