The 4 states of India where most foreign tourists come, No.1 is most famous.


India is considered to be a beautiful and strong economy in the world. India has many places to visit which attracts millions of tourists every year. Today, we will tell you about the four states of India where the most foreign tourists come. So let's know about the 4 states of India where the most foreign tourists come.

Uttar Pradesh:

The beauty of Uttar Pradesh is awesome, lot of foreign tourists come there. About 31,56,812 tourists visit Uttar Pradesh every year to visit the Taj Mahal of Agra.

West Bengal:

West Bengal is not less in terms of attracting foreign tourists and around 15,28,700 tourists visit West Bengal every year to visit its beautiful tourist destinations.

Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu in South India attracts tourists from the country as well as foreign tourists. Tamil Nadu has many beautiful and historical tourist places which attract tourists, around 47,21,978 tourists come here every year to visit.


Every year a large number of foreign tourists turn to the vast sea of ​​Maharashtra and to look after their heady waves, about 46,70,049 tourists come here every year.

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Source: Amar Ujala