Ranu Mandal changes her look with a new makeup trend.


A few months ago Ranu Mandal used to sing for a money and some food to eat at the railway station. Through social media, the voice of Ranu Mandal reached the country and it went viral overnight. Where people used to give a little money to Ranu, now they have been looking for her to take a selfie. Ranu's voice reached the ears of the Bollywood industry.

Renowned singer and music director Himesh Reshammiya could not stop himself when he heard her voice. For Himesh, Ranu was such an opportunity with the help of which he himself wanted to show Bollywood her blurred talent once again. Himesh made an album song with Ranu which became very popular, Ranu Jahan Chand used to sing for money, now she got lakhs of rupees for the same song.

This look of Ranu is surprising everyone. If you see Ranu, you probably won't believe it either. This look of Ranu is becoming quite viral on social media.

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