18+ people will get the free vaccine at government centers, the entire system of vaccination has changed from June 21


There is going to be a big change in the vaccination campaign released in the country from June 21. All people above 18 years will be given free vaccines across the country. PM Narendra Modi announced this on June 7, after which the Health Ministry also issued guidelines regarding this. Under this, if you go to the government vaccination center to get the vaccine, then you will not have to pay any fee. However, if you opt for the vaccine in a private hospital, then the prescribed fee will have to be paid. Let us tell you what changes are going to happen in the vaccination campaign from Monday after the implementation of the new guidelines.

What was the rule till now?

In the states where the vaccine was not announced for free, people between the ages of 18 and 44 had to pay for the vaccination.

The central government used to buy 50% dose from vaccine companies.

The state government used to buy 25% of the dose from vaccine companies.

What will change now?

In the Government Vaccination Center, people of all ages above 18 will be vaccinated for free. No charge will be given.

The central government will buy 75% of the dose from vaccine companies.

There will be no bar in the states to buy the vaccine.

What will be the cost in private hospitals?

According to the Health Ministry, Covishield will be available in private hospitals for Rs 780. Apart from this, Rs 1410 will have to be paid for Covaccine and Rs 1145 for Sputnik-V. This is the cost of one dose of the vaccine. In this, the service charge of the private hospital which has been fixed at Rs 150 will be included.

An On-spot registration facility will be available

There is no change in the appointment on the Covin portal. However, every vaccination center will have the facility of on-spot registration.

Vaccination is very important in dealing with the corona epidemic. So get the vaccine as soon as you get a chance.