17 to 23 November, drink these 7 different juices in these 7 days, know the reason also


Now is the time to detox the body. While balancing the dishes and sweets you have enjoyed on Diwali, now exclude the toxins accumulated in the body…

After Diwali from November 17 to 23, you should consume 7 different juices in these 7 days. The reason for this is the increased harmful elements in your body. Because pollution is at its peak at the moment and during the festival one after the other you have consumed a lot of sweet, puri, dish, fried foods and snacks etc.

In such a situation, you must remove the toxins that have accumulated in your body. So that your body can be healthy from inside and your skin will start shining. However, you do not have to work very hard to do this. Rather, you have to consume different fruit and vegetable juices continuously for seven days. By doing this, all the essential elements in your body will be replenished and the toxins will automatically get out of the body ...

Carrot Juice -

You should drink carrot and beet juice. This will give your body the required amount of beta-carotene, iron and minerals.

-Carrot contains nutrients such as folate, magnesium, and copper. They clean your body internally and replenish new energy in your cells. This makes you more healthy and beautiful.

Spinach juice - Spinach juice

is a very good medium to detox the body. It is rich in iron. Therefore, it removes blood loss in the body. Spinach basic nature is considered hot(Taseer) and by making its juice with broccoli, tomato, it becomes a perfect and healthy beverage.

After Diwali, the smoke of firecrackers and the stench increased from stubble is at its peak. Due to this, the problem of eye irritation, sore throat, heaviness in eyes and head is also disturbing. Spinach juice can help you get rid of all these problems.

Vitamin-A is found in abundance in spinach. This vitamin is very important for the health of the eyes. Vitamin-A keeps your eye's retina healthy. Prevents blockage in eye-catching arteries. So this week, you must definitely eat spinach juice.

Benefits of drinking kiwi juice

Kiwi juice - Kiwi is a fruit

rich in antioxidants. Therefore it is very effective in keeping your body healthy and healthy. To avoid diseases in this season, you should consume kiwi juice.

-Kiwi also can control cholesterol. Kiwi juice will be very effective in normalizing the increased levels of cholesterol in the body due to the high heavy diets you have taken during Diwali.

Orange juice

Orange is an important source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, B and C are mainly found in oranges. Along with this, elements like calcium, potassium and phosphorus are also found in oranges. You must consume orange juice once a day.

Seasonal juice

-Mouseme is the main source of vitamin-C and antioxidants. It works by increasing the immunity of the body. Seasonal juice will help protect you from increased pollution and corona. Keep in mind that you should drink seasonal juice only in the afternoon.

Berries Juice

Berries are available in plenty during the winter season. Berries are a natural source of vitamin-C. Therefore, the intake of these increases the body's immunity. You can prepare mixed juice of blueberry, strawberry, peach, etc. and eat it.

Pomegranate juice -

Pomegranate juice should be drunk in any season, it only benefits the body. Pomegranate rich in iron and vitamins works by increasing the amount of haemoglobin in the body and cleansing the blood. So during this Juice Week, make sure to consume pomegranate juice.