14 Phere Review : Double's attempt half the story, the script turned water on Massey's excellent performance


Vikrant Massey is 34 years old and has been acting for the last 17 years. In every round, there are some artists who take out their hearts for the performance and put them in the palm of the audience. There is also a lot of buzz about his work, but the coincidence is such that his work never lets him become a superstar of the mainstream. Remember Sachin Pilgaonkar? Weighing the scales of selection of stories, artistry, and natural performance, actor Vikrant Massey is by no means a weaker artist than Rajkummar Rao or Ayushmann Khurrana. They also choose the stories accordingly but some lack of direction and some inability to harmonize the rest of the sections of the film gives them a jolt every time. Last time he cut his hand in 'Haseen Dilruba' and became the number one lover and saved his marriage. This time his neck is on test and for this marriage, you should watch the movie '14 Phere' or not, you can decide for yourself, by reading this movie review.

The story of the film '14 Phere' is thought up by Manoj Kalwani. He has created an image of the educated people of Bihar and Rajasthan in his mind. He may have created this image by watching 'Balika Vadhu' and all other films and serials made on Pakua marriage. But, Bihar and Rajasthan have gone miles ahead of the characters of these serials. Honor killings still happen but at least the environment has changed for those families whose children are studying in good institutions, working in multinational companies, and have the courage to live in. The plot of the story is weakened at the basic level by these conflicting characters. The story of this one-line film is that of a boy and a girl preparing for love marriage and fooling the heads of both the families to taunt their arranged marriages.

But, the script has made the story of the film '14 Phere' look strange. It does not around stop like jalebi. Lachchha keeps on making Bachchan but the real sensitive issues of the story like inter-caste marriage, honor killing, exploitation of women, etc. just remain on the margins. The real problem with the script is that in this film of fewer than two hours, it consumes half an hour in creating characters. After this, the graph of the story starts increasing, then somehow it is not able to connect the audience with it anywhere in the process of reaching its destination and creating stories for comedy. Devanshu Singh's directorial is the second weak link in the film. If he wanted to convert a good story into a better script, he could make a great film with these actors.

In terms of acting, this film is of Vikrant Massey and Gauhar Khan. Vikrant Massey is an expert in changing facial expressions according to the need. His acting changes color moment by moment in the events leading up to Jehanabad on an emergency call. The challenges in front of him also vary in dialogue delivery. But, he manages to add color every time. The only thing that can be said about the expressions of Kriti Kharbanda is that her acting seems to be fixed as a template. In such characters, she can only do the food of a heroine. Yes, Gauahar Khan has surprised me this time. There are indeed a lot of directors left to discover in his acting. Vineet Kumar as the Bihari father and Jameel Khan as the fake father also leave an impact. Yamini Das seems to have been made to play Vikrant Massey's mother.

If you are watching the movie '14 Phere' on the big smart TV installed in the drawing-room, then you will also understand some of its technical difficulties. Producer directors of films releasing directly on OTT should work afresh on their sound. The sound design for cinema halls can be understood by people on smart TVs, on mobiles, and laptops, it also makes a lot of noise and gets stuck in the ears. The cinematography of Riju Das in the film is quite good according to the budget of the film. Rajeev Bhalla and Jam8 have also tried to make their music according to today but it does not weave their emotions properly according to the characters of the story. Editing is another weak link in the film. Manan Sagar should not have taken so long before bringing up the main problem of the main characters. The film is like a time pass on the weekend, even if you miss it, you will not miss anything special.