132-room house, own country, something special will be the life of the new president of America


On January 20, when Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, his dream of many years will also be fulfilled. Yes, Joe Biden's dream of becoming president was first seen in 2007, which has now come true. After becoming president, Biden will leave his Wilmington home and shift to the White House. The White House is a place that is as powerful as the President of the United States. So let us know what kind of changes will happen in the life of Biden as President.

The 'White House' is not only the residence of the American President, but it is also an excellent specimen of the historical heritage of America. The White House has a total of 132 rooms. Apart from this, it has 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases, and three lifts. The six-story building has two basements, two public floors, and the rest of the floor reserved for the US President. Apart from this, there is a ground spread over 18 acres, a swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, and a jogging track.

There is also a guest house named Blair House near the White House. This guest house houses the official guests of the President of America. The Blair House has 119 rooms, larger than the White House. Whenever a foreign guest comes to stay in this guest house, the flag of that country is put here.

White House staff

The White House has groundskeepers, gardeners, people for vale parking, butlers, a pastry chef, and 24-hour cooking staff. At the same time, there is a person stationed in the White House as Chief, whose job is to co-ordinate from the Residency Staff, the Office of the President, and to protect the private and public life of the President. In addition, there is a Chief Calligrapher, who prepares official documents. The annual cost of running the White House is four million dollars.

US President's Own Country

The US President has a country of his own, known as Camp David. You must be feeling this strange thing, but it is true. The construction of Camp David began in the year 1935 and ended in 1938. In 1942, FD Roosevelt officially declared it as the President's second home. Camp David is about 100 km from Washington DC. Actually, it never appears on the map due to security reasons.

US President's Car

The Beast is the official car of the US President. This car costs around $ 300,000. The weight of the doors of The Beast is equal to the doors of the Boeing 757. The tires of this car continue to work even after being punctured. The car also has its own oxygen supply, firefighting system, and blood bank. Not only this, this car can fire from tear gas to grenades.

US President's plane and helicopter

'Air Force One' is the official aircraft of the US President. Also, the President also has two Boeing 747-200B jets. These aircraft can carry more than 70 passengers and carry a total crew of 26 people. In addition, the aircraft has a presidential office, bathroom, bedroom, and even a workout room. The lower part of the aircraft is used for cargo and the upper part for the telecom center.

In addition to all this, the US President has a Marine One Chopper, who is used to take the President to Camp David. If the US president is to travel abroad, his motorcade convoy is the first to arrive. This convoy carries cars like Beast and a C141 cargo plane is used to carry these cars.

US President's Salary

The President of the United States receives four million dollars in salary every year. At the same time, one lakh dollars is given for travel expenses and 19 thousand dollars for entertainment. Let me tell you that even after retirement, the life of the American President is not less luxurious. The President is paid $ 250,000 million annually as a pension. Along with this, paid staff and office space are provided. For 10 years after his removal from the office of the President, Secret Service Agents remain employed for protection.