You will be surprised to know about the world's first hotel built inside the ground!


There is more than one luxury hotel in the world. Some of these hotels are popular in the world for a special reason. Today we are going to give you information about such a hotel, you will be surprised to know about its structure.

This is an 18-storey hotel located in China. The surprising thing is that 16 floors of this hotel are below the ground and only two floors are built above the ground. According to the news, this is the first such hotel in the world which is built underground. You will be surprised that the bottom two floors of this hotel are made under water.

It is said that about 10 years' time and two thousand crore rupees were spent to build this unique hotel. The hotel's suite, known as the Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland and Shimao Quarry, costs around Rs 35,000 for a night's stay.