Worrying: By travel on the train may infect with corona, revealed in the study of high-speed trains in China


Traveling on trains amid the Corona epidemic is not fraught with danger. Scientists say that if the corona infected in the train is traveling, then during the two-hour journey, it can pass the virus to the hitchhiker sitting at a distance of eight feet. If you travel an hour train, you will have to sit at least three feet two inches away from the other passenger.

By doing this the virus will not be able to come to you. Under the WorldPop Project of Britain's University of Southampton, scientists have done this study in China's high-speed trains. WorldPop Director Prof. Andy Tatum says that not only social distancing, but also how long the journey is, depends on the infection.

The person at the front seat of the infected person has the highest risk of infection. 3.5 percent of passengers may be vulnerable to their infected hitchhiker. People sitting on the same line are at 1.5 percent risk.

Masks and sanitizers required

Scientists have advised people traveling by train or other public vehicles to wear regular masks during the journey. Hands have to be sanitized from time to time. If possible, do not eat or drink anything during the journey. Avoid traveling with young children. Do not put your hands on the face during the journey. The virus can take advantage of this carelessness and enter the body.

There have been such cases in India

On May 20, 1,500 passengers were corroborated by Corona among 87 passengers on the Shramik Special train from Mumbai to Haridwar. On March 13, Corona was confirmed by eight passengers in the Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express, which reached Andhra Pradesh from Delhi. Corona was confirmed among four passengers of the Godan Express from Mumbai to Jabalpur on 16 March. This situation was when social distancing was being followed in trains at that time.