World News: Russia claims Sputnik V will be 95 percent effective, cheaper than the American vaccine


Russia's Coronavirus vaccine Sputnik-V is more than 95 percent effective. Extreme cold cold storage is also not required to store it. Its two doses will cost around 1500 rupees. The same Russian people will get it for free.

Moscow, agency. Russia has claimed that its corona vaccine Sputnik-V is more than 95 percent effective and cheaper than others. This has been claimed by those who developed the vaccine based on a second interim analysis of clinical data. The price of two doses of Sputnik-V in the international market will be around $ 20 (about Rs. 1,500) and it will be given free to the people of Russia. There will also be no need for extremely cold storage for its distribution.

At the same time, the cost of two doses of the vaccine of American company Pfizer will be around Rs 2,500. Russia's Ministry of Health, Government Gamalaya Research Center, and Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said in a statement on Tuesday that a second interim analysis showed that it was 91.4 percent effective 28 days after the first dose and 95 days after 42 days. Percent. About two thousand people were given this dose during the trial, based on which this assessment has been done.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccine works up to 95 percent

Pfizer and Moderna claim their vaccines to be up to 95 percent effective. RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev said that the specialty of Sputnik-V compared to other vaccines is that not only does it develop strong immunity, but also persists for a long time.

Phase III trial going on in many countries including India

The second and third phase of Sputnik-V is being run on thousands of people in the UAE, Venezuela, Belarus, and other countries including India. Dr Reddy's Laboratory based in Hyderabad in India is under trial. Dimitrov said that more than one billion doses of it will be prepared next year. He also said that efforts are on to increase production and reduce prices further.