Wonderful: 'Black Water' Photography Capturing Fish Secrets


These days, sea divers are capturing secrets related to the fishes and larvae of no-living sea creatures in their cameras at night.

With this, marine scientists are getting much new information about the life of these organisms, for which they had spent decades. Some experts say that the early history of fish can also be known from these larvae exposed in the dark.

In fact, as dusk falls, hundreds of feet descend into the oceans and take photographs of larvae coming to deeper surfaces, which is called black water photography. Most larvae do not even have fingernails, but when shot with macro lenses, they are no less than large monster fish. Some divers are giving it the name of Animal Safari underwater.

Stunned after seeing scientific photos

Millicent and his colleagues from the Black Water Photo Group were surprised when they showed their photos to the fish scientists. Experienced underwater photographer Neid Deloche says that all the scientists he met said the same thing about where he got these pictures from. People could not believe that such creatures are settled underwater. The pictures are going viral on social media these days.

Analysis of 60 larvae

In a recent research paper published in the Journal of Ecology and Herpetology by Hawaii scientists, more and more black photographers are expected to be involved in marine research.

Scientists say, if these photographers acquire samples of these small organisms, then their DNA can be extracted and analyzed deeply. So far, 60 samples have been analyzed through a dozen divers. By barcoding the DNA of organisms, they will be able to know about the changes in their body and behavior over time.

Very little information available right now

There is a big difference in the structure and behavior of larval and adult stages of many marine insects, frogs, fishes and non-vertebrates. Experts say that where many sea creatures roam the oceans in the larval stage, it is difficult to study them and little information is available about it.