WHO warns : The third wave of corona is still in its early stages, serious consequences if not stopped in time


The world is terrified of the third wave of the corona pandemic. World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros A. Gebreyesus has said that the third wave of Corona is still in its early stages. The number of patients infected with the delta variant worldwide is still in the count. Right now it is possible to stop it from becoming uncontrollable, as usual, this time too, if there is negligence then there will be dire consequences than before.

WHO chief Gebreyesus said that the delta variant of Corona has knocked in 111 countries of the world. It is clear from the speed that the delta is spreading that in the coming time it will take over the whole world. Referring to the UN report, Gebreyesus said that the virus is constantly changing within itself. Due to this tendency, the virus is becoming more deadly and more contagious over time. All the countries of the world have to be alert about the changing form of the virus, otherwise, the situation may worsen. With the increasing outbreak of Delta, the time has come to improve health facilities as well.

Why worry about the third wave

According to the weekly report of WHO, three million corona patients were found worldwide last week. After nine weeks, there has been an increase of 10 percent in the number of new patients while the number of deaths has increased by three percent. The WHO estimates that the delta variant is the result of the increasing number of patients. Due to the necessary precautions and restrictions, this lethal variant can be prevented from becoming uncontrollable.

Now patients are increasing again...

The WHO said that the rate of infection and death had declined due to the intensification of vaccination campaigns in other countries including Europe and North America. Now the cases of infection are increasing continuously. The graph of deaths with infections has been increasing for four consecutive days last week in six areas of WHO, which is a matter of concern. Even compared to the last ten weeks, the virus seems to be once again uncontrollable.

Impossible to prevent Delta with vaccine

The WHO has also acknowledged that it is impossible to prevent delta with a vaccine after the delta variant was found in people who had been vaccinated in the US and UK. The WHO says that the crowd will have to be stopped with the use of masks, six feet distance, and a sanitizer, only then it is possible to prevent the virus. Vaccinated people can become weapons for Delta, so they also have to be careful.

The vaccine is necessary for 10 percent of people

The WHO says that to control the third wave of the epidemic, every country in the world will have to vaccinate 10 percent of its population by September. By the end of 2021, this rate is 40 percent, while by the middle of 2022, 70 percent of the population of every country should be vaccinated. WHO worries that this goal is difficult to achieve because of inequality in vaccine distribution.