WHO team reaches Wuhan Provincial Disease Control Center, opposing strict rules in many countries


While the number of coronavirus infections in the world has crossed the 10.36 crore mark, so far 22.39 lakh people have lost their lives in this epidemic. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) team, which arrived in China to find out the origin of the coronavirus, visited a provincial disease control center here which was involved in management during the initial spread of the infection.

The WHO team of investigators reached Hubei's provincial capital Wuhan last month. The team has also visited hospitals in Wuhan where coronavirus patients were treated at the start of the epidemic.

The WHO team of experts arrived at the Hubei Provincial Disease Control Center at a time when China has controlled access to virus-related information throughout the world. China has been ignoring allegations of not taking enough steps to deal with the infection right from the beginning.

He says that the virus came from another country in his country. Meanwhile, there are still cases of infection in China. On Monday, 33 new cases of infection were reported.

Opposition to strict rules in many countries

Police in Belgium detained 200 people protesting against strict rules. The police raided the disco and caught them. During this time the police also used tear gas. In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the police detained 600 people gathered illegally.

Meanwhile, thousands of people marched in Austria's capital Vienna against strict rules. Most of them did not wear masks and were not following social distance. In Brazil, protesters on Sunday protested against President Jair Bolsonaro while demonstrating in various cities.

The person preparing to come to India infected Corona

A 36-year-old permanent resident of Singapore has been found infected with the coronavirus. He had Kovid-19 checked for coming to India. The Straits Times quoted the Health Ministry as saying that he had returned from a visit to India on December 19 last year and had been quarantined at the center scheduled for January 2. In the report on 31 December, he was confirmed not infected.

Seattle: Hospital crowded at midnight

Things worsened in the US city of Seattle when a vaccine-filled freezer in a hospital suddenly went bad. The hospital sent a message in the middle of the night and called people to the hospital so that vaccines without the freezer would not go bad.

During this time, the one who was in the same clothes reached the hospital and several kilometers long line came out. Please tell that due to non-freeze, about 1600 doses were in danger of ruin, so the hospital issued a message.