WHO team begins an investigation of corona origin in China


The WHO team of experts has reached Wuhan in China to investigate where the corona epidemic had occurred and is investigating the source of the epidemic.

China is not at all ready to accept this. Corona was born here. He is promoting his own principles, including that Corona originated not in China but outside his country. WHO team is investigating this.

The Chinese government-run media said in a report last week that a woman with symptoms of the coronavirus was detected in Milan in November 2019 and there is evidence that the epidemic had started overseas.

Chinese scientists have been talking about the emergence of corona in different countries. Which is absolutely factless. In November 2020, a Chinese scientist claimed that the virus may have originated in India in the summer of 2019. Where he presented a concocted theory, India also responded.

In March last year, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said about the US that the US military could bring in the virus. Even then, China was very bad.

It is known that many countries of the world including America have been blaming China for hiding the information of coronavirus and allowing the virus to spread. China has been denying these allegations. In December last year, the first case of the corona was reported in Wuhan, China, after which the virus spread all over the world.