WHO said: Corona vaccine patent rights should be forgiven by the end of the epidemic


The world has been greatly affected by the coronavirus epidemic. After the introduction of the corona vaccine, there is hope among people that everything will be fine now. At the same time, the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Grabian, appealed that the rights of the Coronavirus patent be waived by the end of the epidemic.

They believe that given the difficult times, if companies waive their patent rights, then the supply of vaccines will be accelerated. He also said that this provision will remain in an emergency only.

WHO chief Tedros said when these provisions will no longer be used. He informed that a meeting will be held soon with people associated with this industry to remove bottlenecks in vaccine production and to solve them.

Tedros praised AstraZeneca for sharing the Corona vaccine technology with several companies, including the Serum Institute of India, but added that the lack of transparency was also causing harm.

Let me tell you, there are many companies all over the world that produce vaccines. But only a few companies have the right to produce the Corona vaccine. Small companies that make vaccines do not have vaccine rights because of the shortage in supply. Tedros noted that the Kovac vaccine has been distributed to more than twenty countries this week through a joint effort by the United States.

Vaccine supply started too many countries from India

Significantly, as part of the UN-led Kovacs initiative, the consignment of coronavirus vaccines from India to other needy countries, including Ghana, has begun. Dr. Yasmin Ali Haq, the representative of the United Nations Children's Fund in India, termed the introduction of the Kovacs vaccine as historic, calling it a major step towards overcoming the Kovid-19 pandemic.