WHO: Click here to know medical or cloth masks, which masks are suitable in this corona era!


It is important to follow the prescribed rules to curb the growing cases of corona across the country. The most important solution is to apply a mask as a rule. Talk to the World Health Organization has issued guidelines through a Twitter account. The WHO has informed about the use of medical masks and fabric face masks. With this, we have told when, how, and who should wear the mask.

Medical Masks

WHO has advised people through its videos what types of masks they should wear:

Health workers

For people with symptoms of COVID-19.

Who are caring for someone suspected or infected with COVID-19, Medical masks should be used in such a situation:

Clothes mask

The WHO has advised people not to wear a fabric mask to those who have symptoms of the coronavirus. Also, do not wear a fabric mask if you are in close contact with social workers, cashiers, and servers.