Which step of Japan increased the concern of the whole world, raising voices!


Experts from all over the world are deeply concerned about a move by Japan. The reason for this is the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. This plant was ruined by the tremendous earthquake in March 2011 and the tsunami that followed. Since then, Japan's electricity company Tokyo Electric Power Company has accumulated one million tons of radioactive water.

Fear of shedding the sea at sea

Now the experts are worried about the possibility of shedding this waste in the sea. However, Japan's Industry Minister Hiroshi Kaziyama has said that the government has not taken any decision yet but may do so soon.

According to the news going on in the local media, the government has taken such a decision. If Kajiyama believes, the nuclear plant needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. However, no time limit has been set for this.

Talks will be held with fishermen

According to local reports, Japanese government advisors have proposed to release the water into the sea, which has also been accepted by the government. The government wants to talk with the fishermen before formally announcing it. There is also talk of setting up a panel to consider their concerns.

Olympic Games to be organized in 2021

Let me tell you that in the 2021 Olympic Games are going to be held in Japan. It is believed that the government is taking such decisions regarding this. However, it may take decades to remove the water present in Fukushima.

It is to be noted that the Olympic Games were to be held in 2020 but due to Corona, they had to be postponed. In 2021, it is scheduled to be held just 60 km from the Fukushima nuclear plant. In such a situation, players are also worried.

Putting radioactively contaminated water into the sea in this way can make Japan more difficult. Local fishermen can also stand against this and the neighboring countries will not want this poisonous water to reach them by sea. Fishermen's Association in Japan has already written to the government and appealed not to do so.

Japan Yun is also notorious worldwide due to whale hunting. The Fishermen's Association has written in its letter that the government's move will revive the work that they have done in the last years to change their image internationally.

Significantly, Fukushima's radioactive waters have been at the center of discussion for the past decade. Because of this, South Korea has banned seafood coming from the Fukushima region. The government there also sought clarification from Japan regarding the drainage of this water.

The groundwater of Fukushima is continuously coming up which reaches the bottom of the reactor. After filtering this water is being stored. The crashed reactor needs water to cool.

Presently, 170 tonnes of water is being stored every day. At this pace, by 2022 there will be no more water storage. Currently, more than a thousand tanks in Fukushima are filled with radioactive water. Constructions will be needed to divert the water to the sea and approval of the nuclear agency is also required. This may take up to two years.