When the reporter caught Trump's lie on health care program, he left the press conference in the middle


US President Donald Trump is often in discussions about controversies in his press conferences. The latest case is on Sunday when President Trump's lie was caught, he left the press conference midway.

Indeed, President Trump was attending a press conference at the Golf Club in New Jersey on Sunday. During this time, he was describing the health care program passed during the tenure of Barack Obama as his achievement.

Just then a reporter interrupted him, to which he got angry and left the press conference midway. According to a report, Trump has lied more than 150 times about this program.

Caught on the health care program

The US President claimed that he had passed the Health Care Program (Veterans' Choice Program) for retired workers. Trump said that people had been speculating about the passage of this program for decades and no president has shown interest in passing it. But our administration passed it.

On Trump's claim, CBS News reporter Paula Red questioned him, 'Why do you constantly say that you have passed this health care program? It was passed in 2014, during which Barack Obama was president. This is a wrong statement.

After this question from the reporter, Trump went to Dusseer and stopped for a while and then said, "Ok, thank you very much." After this, the US President left the press conference in the middle.

What is this program?

Indeed, Barack Obama signed the program in 2014 during his second term. Under this program, there was a big announcement for retired personnel and they were allowed to get treatment in any private hospital at government expense.

After the passage of this program, personnel does not require treatment in a government-selected hospital. At the same time, when Donald Trump became the 45th President of America, he expanded the program in 2018. After this, wherever Trump went, he would describe this program as an achievement of his government.