What will trumps eat in India, this is their favorite food


US President Donald Trump will visit Ahmedabad on 24 February. He will be a part of the 'Kem Cho Trump' program. A lot of work is being done for his hospitality and Gujarat is being made a great state.

Today we are going to tell you about what he will eat when he will come to India and what is his favorite food? The president includes pizza, coffee, diet coke, fast food, and cherry-vanilla ice cream in his diet

Donald Trump loves finely chopped salads. He eats cheese, poultry, bacon, and vegetables in salads. Trump loves everything from hamburgers to deep-fried macaroni and cheese. Trump loves potato chips and seafood.

Trump also likes to eat a McDonald's burger and never asks for a burger without the Solty French Fries. Apart from this, Trump also loves chicken.