WHAT!!! Pakistan is a happier country than India - Pakistan is going ahead of India in these 5 cases, click here to know more


Friends, you all know that India and Pakistan were partitioned in 1947. After which the two countries started moving forward together. India was slow in the beginning and Pakistan moved fast because America had its hand on the head of Pakistan, but later when India gained its speed, Pakistan remained far away. Today, India's economy is going to touch about 3000 billion dollars.

Today we are going to tell you 5 such cases in which Pakistan is many times ahead of India and you will be really surprised to know the 5th case, so let's know about it.

In these 5 cases, Pakistan is ahead of India -

1) Pakistani Serial - Friends, in today's time, Indian TV serial Saas Bahu story is shown repeatedly and presented in different ways but the same TV serials of Pakistan are considered better than Indian TV serials because they have good stories. Some people like it a lot and if you also watch Pakistani TV serial, then you must have also liked it.

2) Football Manufacturing - Friends, do you know that football manufacturing is done a lot in Pakistan and Sialkot city of Pakistan has big football making factories and Pakistan manufactures more football than India and abroad too and Pakistan is several times ahead of India in this matter.

3) Nuclear weapons - Friends, you know that both India and Pakistan are nuclear rich countries. But you will not know that this time Pakistan has more nuclear weapons than India. India currently has between 90 and 100 nuclear weapons. Same Pakistan claims to have nuclear weapons between 110 and 120.

4) Pakistani actresses - Friends, you will also not deny that Pakistani actresses look a little more beautiful and attractive than Indian actresses. You see that Pakistani actresses are very beautiful and look quite attractive even without makeup.

5) Pakistan a happier country - Friends, on 14 March 2018, the United Nations had listed the happiest countries in the world. In which India is ranked number 133. While Pakistan is at number 75.