What is the secret of Italy's pink ice, scientists engaged in investigation


People turn to the mountains to see and enjoy the snow. But today we are going to tell you about the pink ice. Although pink ice remains a mystery even today. It is under investigation. This pink ice is seen in Italy. Scientists in Italy are trying to figure out the secret of pink ice.

It is believed to be caused by algae. There is also a debate about where algae come from. At the same time, Biagio di Mauro of Italy's National Research Council said that the pink ice seen on parts of the Prana Glacier is caused by a plant found in Greenland.

They say it is not a dangerous alga. These are natural which are seen in spring and summertime. It is also known as Ankilonima Nordensköldi. It is believed to exist in the Dark Zone of Greenland where the ice is melting. This snow melts rapidly in the sun. They get water and air in strong sunlight. During this time red color is added to the white snow. However, the debate on all these things continues.