Visit of US Secretary of State: Pakistan's funding of terrorists is a big agenda in India-US


The main agenda of talks during US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's visit to India is the situation in Afghanistan after Pakistan's funding of terrorists, becoming a safe haven for terrorists, and the release of American troops, which will be discussed in particular.

Government sources said Blinken's two-day visit to India, starting July 27, will focus on building a strong alliance under the framework of the quadrennial grouping of four countries. Under this, a possible meeting of the foreign ministers of the Quad countries (India, America, Australia, and Japan) is also to be held by the end of the year.

Both sides will take forward the Quad Vaccine Initiative so that vaccines made in India can be supplied to countries in the Indo-Pacific region by early 2022. Sources said the agenda for Blinken's visit would be broad, with an opportunity to further strengthen bilateral cooperation and focus on trade and investment, health care, education, digital domain, innovation, and security.

There will also be talks on easing the international movement of students, professionals

India will also pressurize the US administration for the gradual resumption of international travel while maintaining health protocols. In addition to humanitarian issues, especially the issues of facilitating the movement of students, professionals, businessmen, and reuniting people who are away from loved ones and families due to the corona pandemic, will be discussed Blinken.

The focus will be on the Kovid help and security scenario in the Indo-Pacific

The issue of flexible supply of critical medicines and health care equipment will also be on the agenda of both sides, a source said. The two sides will exchange views on the Indo-Pacific region with a focus on COVID aid, the economic slowdown, and the security scenario.

human rights, democracy universal; beyond the thinking of a particular nation: government sources

A day after reports that human rights issues were raised during Blinken's visit to New Delhi, government sources said human rights and democracy are universal and go beyond any national or cultural perspective.

As a long-standing pluralistic society, India will connect with those who now recognize the value of diversity, the sources said. Sources said, India is proud of its achievements in the national and cultural spheres and is always happy to share experiences.