Ved Mehta, the author who introduced America to India, is no more.


Eminent Bharatvanshi writer Ved Mehta died at the age of 86. Mehta, who lost his eyesight at the age of three, never let blindness become a weakness. He became known as a famous 20th-century writer. He introduced the American people to India and the people of India with his creations.

The magazine New Yorker reported his death on Saturday. Mehta was associated with the magazine for about 33 years. Mehta was born in a Punjabi family in 1934 in Lahore before the partition of India. Due to meningitis, he lost his eyesight at the age of three. His father sent him to a blind school in Dadar (Bombay). Later he studied in Britain and America and settled in America.

Live description

Despite being blind, his books contained such a vivid description of a scene that it was difficult for the reader to believe that he could not see. His 12-digit memoir Continents of Exile, based on his early struggle due to the history and blindness of modern India, became very famous. Its first issue Daddy G became very popular all over the world. He wrote a total of over two dozen books. He wrote many works on philosophy, theology, and linguistics. These include reports on India.

In 1982, Mehta was selected by the MacArthur Foundation for a Genius Grant. Mehta knew both writings and reading through Braille script. However, later if they had to write something, they would give dictation to their assistant and type the assistant. Sometimes he used to make 100-100 changes in his article. Mehta used to say, "When I write I think I can see. Writing helps me see the world. ''

His famous works

Walking the Indian streets (1960)

Portrait of India (1970)

Mahatma Gandhi and His Apasal '(1977)

The famous work of Continents of Exile

He showed the world around him with great precision and precision. His 12-digit memoir 'Continents of Exile', based on his early struggle due to the history and blindness of modern India, became very famous and his first number 'Daddy'. He wrote 24 books.

Honored with 'genius giant'

Mehta was awarded the 'Genius Joint' of the MacArthur Foundation in 1982. Mehta came to America at the age of 15 and attended the Arkansas School for the Blind in Little Rock. After studying at Pomona College and the University of Oxford, he focused on writing.

The name of the company was heard after hearing the voice

The authorship of Ved Mehta had such an excellent depiction of an event that the reader would have suspected the other writer whether he was blind or not. American novelist Norman Mailer said that he wanted to punch Mehta and see if he really could not. However, Mailer's suspicions were also dispelled later. Mehta is said to have amazing healing powers. They used to hear the sound of a car and tell which company it belongs to.