US warning after Pulwama Terrorist attack: Pakistan should immediately stop supporting terrorist activities on its land


Pakistan has denied any kind of hand in the terrorist attacks in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. The Pak government issued a press release and said it was a matter of grave concern. On the other hand, America has been warned Pakistan on behalf of Rashtrapati Bhavan. White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said that Pakistan would immediately stop supporting its terrorist organizations operating from their land. It only promotes violence and terror in the area.

At the same time, the US State Department also took the name of Pakistan in its statement, saying that all countries must understand their responsibilities under the UN resolution against terror and stop the creation of terrorists' shelter. We stand with India in every situation to counter terrorism. Pakistan's Jaish-e-Mohammad, which has been declared a terrorist by the United Nations, carried out this heinous attack. We have our sentiments with the families of the victims.

International condemnation of the attack

Russia, Israel, France, Maldives, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Canada and many other countries have expressed grief over the martyrdom of the soldiers. Russia's President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to the families of the soldiers martyerd in the attack. Putin said that punishing those responsible for this attack is very important. We strongly condemn this attack.

Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that Dhaka will always maintain zero tolerance policy for terrorist activities. We pray for the injured to recover soon. On the other hand, Israel's Ambassador to India Ron Malka expressed condolences for the families of the soldiers martyerd in the attack, saying that we are with India in this difficult time.