US to spend $ 150 million on training its people for H-1B jobs!


The US has announced to launch training programs for medium to high-efficiency H-1B positions in critical areas. The US has said that it will spend $ 150 million on this 'one manpower training program'. It also includes the information technology sector, which employs thousands of Indian professionals.

The H-1B is a non-immigrant visa, under which US companies are allowed to appoint foreign professionals to positions with special technical expertise. Through this visa, companies in the technology sector hire thousands of employees every year from countries like India and China

The Department of Labor said that 'H-1B is a manpower grant program' will be used mainly in areas like information technology or IT, cybersecurity, modern manufacturing, transportation, and training of existing as well as new generation employees. So that manpower can be prepared for the future. The department said that not only has the labor market been disrupted by the coronavirus epidemic, but because of this, many education and training providers and employers have had to think about how to train their employees.