US: the doctor was doing surgery during video trial in court, got a new date


An investigation will be conducted against a plastic surgery doctor in California, US, who was found to have operated during the hearing of the case. Actually, the plastic surgeon had violated the traffic rules, about which his video was being tried in the court.

The trial was going on against the surgeon in the Superior Court of California, due to the epidemic that the hearing was being conducted via video call. During this, Doctor Scott Green appeared before the court through the camera and it was found that the doctor was undergoing surgery during the hearing.

The judge then deferred the hearing because the judge said that the California Medical Board said he would investigate the case. Explain that in the video, the court found that the doctors are treating a patient and are seen in the clothes worn during the surgery.

Although no patient was seen in the video, the sound of the machine beep in the camera can be heard clearly. The courtroom clerk asked, Hello Mr. Green, are you available for trial? Later the clerk said that it looks like you are in the operating room?

However, during this time, the clerk reminded the doctor that the procedure was live streaming. To this, the doctor replied that yes I am available for trial and in the operating room. It was seen in the video that they were continuously doing their work while waiting for the court commissioner Gary Link.

As soon as Link arrived, he saw Scott and was worried about the patient. During this time the judge hesitated to hear. Doctor Green said that there was another surgeon with me, who is having surgery with me. In such a situation, I can stand here and let them do the surgery.

On this, the judge said that hearing in such circumstances is not right. When he announced a new date to give Green a trial, the doctor apologized.