US: Senate approves Covid-19 relief package worth 1.9 thousand billion dollars


After a long discussion, the US Senate on Saturday approved a $ 1.9 thousand billion package for Kovid-19 relief. President Joe Biden and his Democratic Party called the victory extremely important because the country needed it to overcome the epidemic and stabilize the declining economy.

After an all-night discussion on the amendments and nearly all the amendments being rejected by the Republican Party, exhausted Senate members almost passed the bill, voting on the party line. The vote was 50 in favor and 49 in opposition.

After the final approval from Parliament, the bill will be sent to President Biden for signature next week. Citing the public's desire to restore normalcy, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Scummer said, "We can tell American citizens that help is on the way."

He said, "Right now our duty is to take the country out of this storm and take it towards normalcy."