US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said this big thing about India


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that Indians have responded in the best way to China's extremely aggressive activities. He said that China has a tendency to provoke regional disputes and the world should not let this bullying run.

"I have spoken to Foreign Minister S Jaishankar several times about this (China's aggressive activities)," Pompeo told a press conference here. The Chinese have conducted extremely aggressive activities. Indians have also responded to them in the best way. ”Pompeo was answering questions regarding China's incursion into Indian territories in eastern Ladakh.

There has been an eight-week standoff between troops of India and China in several areas of eastern Ladakh, including Pangong So, Galvan Valley and Gogra Hot Spring. Last month, the situation worsened when 20 soldiers of India died in a violent clash.

The Chinese army began withdrawing its troops from the Galvan Valley and Gogra Hot Spring on Monday. Earlier, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a lengthy conversation on Sunday. Doval and Wang are also special representatives on the India-China border talks.

Pompeo said, "I am putting these things in the context of President Xi Chinfig (of the Communist Party of China) and his behavior in the region and indeed in the whole world." He said, "I don't think It is possible to look at the specific incident of the aggressive stand of the Communist Party of China (CCP). I believe you have to see it in a broader context. ''

The CCP had recently lodged a border dispute with Bhutan in a meeting of the Global Environmental Faculty.

"From the Himalayan mountain ranges to the water zones and the Vip group in the Special Zone of Vietnam and beyond, there has been a tendency to provoke regional disputes over seeding," Pompeo said. Efforts should not be allowed to run.

Pompeo said that the world will have to jointly respond to such growing efforts of the Chinese Communist Party. He said, "President Donald Trump has taken this very seriously." China is surrounded by territorial disputes in the South China Sea and East China Sea. Both areas are rich in minerals, oil and other natural resources.

China claims almost all of the South China Sea. Vietnam, Philippine, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have contrary claims about the region. "The United States did not do this during the tenure of previous administrations," Pompeo said. We will answer it appropriately.

We have tried to send a message to the Chinese leadership that we are serious about this. When I say 'we' it doesn't just mean America. We will soon start a dialogue with our allies about how we can respond to this challenge from the Chinese Communist Party together. "He said in reference to the Corona virus epidemic that the virus spread from Wuhan in China The world saw the reality of the Chinese Communist Party.