US presidential election 2020: 20 percent more youth voted, Biden benefited


Result of US President Election 2020: This time a record number of young voters aged 18 to 29 participated in the US election. According to the assessment so far, there has been an increase of about 20 percent in the voting of this category compared to 2016.

At the same time, there was double the number of youth supporting Biden compared to Trump, this is also considered to be the reason for his good performance in this election. According to the research institute Circle here, 80 lakh voters of the youth category had cast their votes before Tuesday. A total of 51 to 53 percent of American youth exercised their franchise, while in 2016 only 42 to 44 percent of youth cast their votes. In many states, these young voters have the potential to influence results. In Pennsylvania, 14 percent of the turnout is in this age group.

In Michigan, they are 15 percent, Arizona 17 percent, and Georgia 21 percent. The special thing is that activism has increased in most of the youth due to movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifascist. These movements are considered to be against Trump, in such a situation, voters became a big challenge for Trump.

With 62 percent Biden

According to the Circle Association, 62 percent of these youth voted nationally at Biden. At the same time, support for Trump was 33 percent, which is about half.

Voting on these issues

The youth voted on issues of racist discrimination, climate change, the Kovid-19 epidemic, real-world reduction, and violence.