US presence in Afghanistan was a win for China, withdrawal will increase the threat to Dragon


Former Pakistan Ambassador Abdul Basit has expressed fears of an intensification of jihadist attacks on China after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. In an article published in the South China Morning Post, he wrote that after the 9/11 attacks, China's Afghan policy has been to eliminate terrorists and maintain stability in the region, as well as to advance the Belt Road Initiative. But now with the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, his problems may increase. He has written that in the absence of American forces, terrorist attacks in China can increase.

He has also written that due to the absence of American forces in this area, China can also get a full opportunity to increase its influence in this region. Therefore, the turmoil in Afghanistan will also affect Xinjiang province. This province meets the border of Afghanistan. Not only this, the way the Taliban is once again engaged in spreading its feet in Afghanistan, according to it, will become a cause of great trouble for Beijing. They say that the Taliban govern their territory on their own accord, their other rules do not apply.

It has been said in this article that China has always been critical of US policies. He has always been condemning the US drone strikes in Afghanistan. China says that such attacks by the US affect the stability of the region and pose a serious threat to the security of the other country. Basit has written that despite this, the presence of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan was a win-win deal for China in many ways. Due to the American presence, China was able to work on its BRI project without stopping and without worrying about any terrorist attack. This project passes through the Balochistan province of Pakistan. After the departure of America from Afghanistan, the threat to China regarding the security of this project will also increase.

In his article, he has written that while living in America's Afghanistan, China never had to deal directly with terrorists, which was a great relief for him. After America leaves here, he will have to face these attacks directly. Basit has written that terrorist organizations have already warned China about the treatment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province. This is the reason that after America leaves Afghanistan, tremendous changes will be seen here.

According to the SCMP news, Baloch and Sindhi separatist organizations are already attacking Chinese citizens. China also has to bear its loss on its economic corridor project. It is noteworthy that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has attacked the hotel in Balochistan where Chinese citizens and their ambassadors were staying.

Abuja al-Burma, the leader of the TTP-backed terrorist group, is a strong critic of China. He considers China a major threat after America departs from Afghanistan. Basit says that these jihadi organizations also need a bigger enemy to justify their attack. After leaving America, they will get this opportunity and China will become their enemy number one. A recent UN report suggests that the leader of the Turkistan Islamic Party, Abdul Haq al-Turkistan, is working to create a way for Uighur Muslims to deport Uighur Muslims to Syria.