US: People who have been vaccinated do not need masks to go out, but must avoid the crowds


The corona epidemic has made masks an important part of our lives. Meanwhile, there has been news that people in the US who have vaccinated do not need to apply masks at the exit, only they have to avoid the crowd. Where the crowd is not crowded, it has been announced to remove the mask.

President Biden said that people who have not been vaccinated, especially if you are young and thinking that you do not need the vaccine. You have good reason to vaccinate now.

America's top government health agency informed fully vaccinated Americans that they could live without a mask most of the time. If you have been fully vaccinated, you can start doing many things that you stopped doing due to the epidemic.

The agency said that masks are essential for those who want to go to a concert or watch a game. It is mandatory to wear a mask there. And it is necessary for everyone to apply a mask while doing cinema hall or shopkeeping

The first country in the world to allow such an order to go out without a mask even in Israel

The World Health Organization cited wearing masks as an effective weapon to avoid corona. Today's era is such that everyone is required to wear masks but Israel is going to become the first country in the world where orders have been given not to wear masks.

Yes, the administration in Israel has ordered people not to wear masks. In Israel, 81 percent of the people have been vaccinated with the corona vaccine, after which the administration has given this decision.

After this government order, people removed masks from their faces and expressed their happiness on social media. In Israel, 81 percent of people above 16 years of age have got both corona vaccines.

At the same time, there has been a sharp decline in the number of patients getting corona infection and hospitalization here. However, strictness is still in force in Israel. The entry of foreigners and entry of people without vaccination is limited.