US Parliament Commission Report, China is massacring Uygar Muslims


A Commission of the US Parliament said in its report released on Thursday that China is massacring a large population of minority Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang. The commission has made the evidence that came out last year as the basis of this claim. The Parliamentary Commission on China consists of members of both Republican and Democratic parties.

The report described China's atrocities on Uygar Muslims as a crime against humanity. According to experts, allegations of genocide by the US are embarrassing for China, a permanent member of the United Nations.

Earlier, the United Nations had also said that China had kept 10 million Cigars and other Muslims hostage in Xinjiang. A new obstacle will come for the newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, in deciding relations with China. Biden also termed China's atrocities on Uygar Muslims as genocide in the election campaign.

The commission's co-chairman, Democrat MP Jim McGovern, said Biden should hold China responsible for the massacre in Xinjiang.

China opposed the report

Opposing the report, China has described it as false and tarnishing its image. A spokesman for the Chinese embassy said this was a result of America's extreme interest in China.

Difficult to prove

It is a difficult process to prove genocide under international laws. Presenting evidence of this, the commission will have to tell that China is torturing Uygar with the intention of ending it.

What will the report change for the world?

- The US must formally decide whether China is committing atrocities in Xinjiang and whether it can be classified as genocide.

- Xinjiang produces 20 percent of the world's cotton. According to the commission, China has forcibly engaged 5.70 lakh people in cotton work here. In such a situation, the pressure will be increased on companies buying Nike from China, Nike, Gap, Adidas, etc. to stop buying.