US MP Victoria Spartz expresses grief over the killing of four Sikhs in Indiana, USA


Four Sikhs among the eight people killed in the recent shootout in the US state of Indiana have expressed condolences by the US lawmaker. Three women were among the four Sikhs killed in the massacre at the FedEx campus last month. Most of the employees of this company in Indianapolis are Indian-Americans.

In this regard, female MP Victoria Spartz said on the incident on April 21, 2021, that eight people were killed in the firing at the FedEx campus in Indianapolis. Four of them are people from the Sikh community living in Central Indiana. This community here is small but united. She has come with her fellow delegates from Indiana to honor all of them. There are friends and colleagues here who also work together and pray to God as well.

Her condolences to heartbroken people: Victoria Spartz

She said that everyone is heartbroken over the loss of this community due to this incident. Spartan expressed condolences to the deceased Amarjeet Kaul Johal (66), Jaswinder Kaur (64), Amarjeet Sekhon (48), and Jaswinder Singh (68), saying that he is with the Sikh community and all those who are involved in this violence. Are sad The Indiana lawmaker said his condolences are with heartbroken people. The country and the state are involved in their misery.