US lawmakers requested India to give more vaccines


Several US lawmakers have urged the Biden administration to ensure that India gets enough vaccine and medical aid. He said that there is a crisis in India and it is the responsibility of America to help its close ally.

US lawmakers have requested India to give more vaccines at a time when President Joe Biden has announced to give 25 million doses of vaccines in the first batch to countries in South, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Vaccines will be given to these countries by the end of June.

Biden has announced to give 80 million doses of vaccine globally. He has said that many countries will be given these vaccines under the United Nations-backed Kovax campaign. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the situation in India is serious and Biden needs to take more steps.

More vaccines and medical supplies are needed to help our most important global partner combat this virus. In a tweet, the Republican governor appealed to American citizens to join forces in praying for India.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz said that India is an important friend of America. Biden's vaccine distribution program is flawed. We should give priority to our allies like India. We must ensure that India gets the vaccine it desperately needs. Another MP Michael McColl said, "It is heartening to see that vaccines and other medical supplies will be sent to India in this time of need."