US: Human rights related complaint filed against the police department on Floyd's death


Curfew has been imposed in several cities in the country to prevent violence and demonstrations that began after the death of George Floyd, an African-American black American citizen in the city of Minneapolis, US. Meanwhile, a human rights complaint has been filed against the Minneapolis Police Department.

According to the information, this complaint of human rights violation has been made by the state of Minnesota. Governor Tim Walge (D) gave this information in a press conference. He said that after formally registering a complaint of discrimination against the largest police department in the state, it has been directed to conduct a thorough investigation in relation to human rights.

Trump was warned on violence

Let me tell you that before the death of George Floyd, US President Donald Trump had warned about the violence and demonstrations. Trump said that the situation is still not under control. In such a situation, President Trump called himself Law and Order President and warned the protesters that if violence continued, they would deploy police and army to stop it.

Violence, arson, and loot in many cities

Let us know that incidents of violence, arson, and loot have been taking place in many cities of America for the past one week. Meanwhile, police stopped the demonstrations outside the White House, so that the president could go to the nearby church. Trump, along with his security personnel, went to this 200-year-old St. John's Church after giving a TV speech from the White House.

Trumps raged on mayor and governor too

Earlier, Trump had said that curfew has been imposed in many cities of the country and the National Guard has been deployed. He also instructed the Mayor and Governors to strictly follow the law till the violence is controlled, and said that if a state or city refuses to protect its citizens and their property, then by deploying the army there Will make their work easier.