US: Five million dollars gave to a dog before dies, the trust will spend for Pet


A man has gone to Tennessee in the United States for his dog Lulu for writing five million dollars, or about 36 million rupees before his death so that after his death his dog can live a better and better life. Lulu is eight years old and will now live in Nashville, the capital of Tennessee.

Martha Burton, who takes care of Lulu, says that Lulu owner Bill Doris was a successful businessman and had never married, much in love with dogs. Bill Doris died last year. According to the will of Bill Doris, all this money will be spent on Lulu.

Martha told that Bill Doris loved dogs very much. Martha is Bill Doris's friend and is currently taking care of Lulu. Martha says that she does not know whether she will be able to spend five million dollars on Lulu but whatever she spends, she will continue to get Martha every month. Martha said with a smile that she will definitely try.

Any number of purchases will be made for Lulu. The first one will be approved by the collector. However, there is no clarity about what will happen to this sign after Lulu dies. In addition, Bill Doris also owns a number of lands, including Interstate 65.

Here the disputed statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest is installed. However, the matter is going on in the court regarding these lands.